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Union of Brewers in Bulgaria

  Съюз на пивоварите в България

1000 Sofia, 16 “Bacho Kiro” str.

Tel. / Fax +359 2 9894024

E-Mail: ubb@i-n.net



Code of Responsible Commercial Communications and Ethical Standards of the Members of the
Union of Brewers in Bulgaria



Commercial communications play a fundamental role in the success of a free market economy, which the beer industry is a part of. Marketing instigates competitiveness, encourages innovations and makes it possible for consumers to be able to choose among brands, and to be informed about their qualities, as well as about new products. Advertising is perhaps the most visible part of commercial communications, but they also include other forms of marketing – such as promotions and sponsorships.
Self-regulation demonstrates the industry’s commitment to conduct itself responsibly by actively promoting the highest ethical standards in commercial communications, and by safeguarding consumers’ interests. Beer has been a widely popular drink all over the world for centuries and is an integral part of the culture of many European countries. It is a natural beverage which responsible consumption is perfectly compatible with a healthy lifestyle.
To maintain consumer confidence and win trust, the brewing industry guarantees that its commercial communications are well regulated and that their underlying principles are legal, decent, moral, and truthful.

The members of the Union of Brewers in Bulgaria have composed the present Code of Responsible Commercial Communications and Ethical Standards, which in actual fact sets the norm for loyalty towards consumers and proper market conduct.

Self-regulatory System of the Brewing Industry


UBB members stand united on the following key elements in the system of responsible commercial communications:

  Establishment of the Code of Responsible Commercial Communications and Ethical Standards;
  Implementation of means of ensuring compliance of commercial communications with the standards set forth in the Code;
  Communications strategy.
These guidelines for responsible advertising, sponsorships and beer brand promotions are not meant to replace existing regulations, but to supplement them, and to guarantee the dedication of Bulgarian brewers to applying self-regulatory rules and mechanisms effectively.

For the purpose of the System for Responsible Commercial Communications, we will assume that it includes all sorts of brand advertising or marketing communications to consumers including sponsorships and promotion events, product names, labelling and packaging.

In accordance with internationally accepted norms for commercial communications, we exclude non-advertising materials and activities; statements to the media, state agencies or the public about issues of societal concerns such as the risks or benefits related to beer consumption; educational messages about responsible drinking or the role of alcohol consumption in the society.
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